Palmer Vanity Leg System Order Form

Before you begin...

You will need:

  • Countertop Width
  • Countertop Depth,
  • Countertop Thickness
  • Finished Countertop Height
  • to complete this order form.

The countertop is sized to fit the bathroom
and then we build the Leg System
to fit the countertop.

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There will be a Drop-Ship Surcharge of $25 per Carton

This section is where you enter all of the identifying information for this order.

  • If you select the Purchase Order button you must provide your Purchase Order Number.
  • We need your zip code to calculate shipping.
  • Please use the Notes box to enter any special requirements, instructions or customizations required.
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Countertop / Sinktop

You fit the Countertop to the Room... Palmer fits the Leg System to your Countertop

Attention !

All of the Questions about the Countertop
Must be Answered
to Fit the Leg System to your Countertop.

If you are ONLY ordering
Single Legs or a Quick-Ship Selection click here to skip to Step #3

This section is where you specify the dimensions of the countertop so that Palmer can size the Leg System to fit.

Please click on any ? Question Mark icon to pop-up information about that specific question.


Specify the Leg System

Now that we know what size we are building to, let’s decide just what we are building…

First, select a Leg Style, then a finish color, the number of front legs, & other options that may be available


Select optional materials to transform the appearance of your leg system.


• All Shelving Options Require a Shelf-Support Selection •

Add an under sink shelf for elegance & convenience.

  • If you select a shelf, you must select a shelf support.
  • If you provide your own shelf, you will still need shelf supports – they cannot be retro-fitted.


Add Some Finishing Touches

Add these accessories to complete your unique leg system


The Estimated Production Lead Time for
your selected finish is: 7 - 8 Weeks

Step 7 Need it sooner ?

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If you are only ordering Single Leg(s), we don't need any
Step# 2 Countertop Info - So click here to go straight to Step #3

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for your Edge Shelving System